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What is Happy

Happy Birthdates is a Free to play, lotto style, daily cash prize draw & shopping platform. Membership is free of charge and (for legal and programme underwriting reasons) is available where not prohibited by law to anyone aged between 18 and 80 years of age.

We offer two prize opportunities to registered members which are:-

  • Ten daily birthdate draws for registered members to claim £100! - No purchase required.
  • Ten daily birthdate draws for registered members to claim a full 100% cashback refund of every penny spent with any of our participating cashback merchants – Join Free to shop and claim.

How's that possible?

It's simple. When you register a free account by providing your name and birthdate, we create a username containing your initials and date of birth, for example Debbie Smith, 24th May 1985 would be DS 240585 ("your birthdate" "birthdate" "birthdate sets"). Every day at 12 noon GMT our system randomly compiles ten unique birthdate sets from separate initials data and date of birth data registered by members when joining and publishes the results. If any one of the published birthdate set is yours, then you have until 11.59 GMT the following day to click the displayed claim button. You will receive a £100 cash prize within 24 hours (no purchase required).

We also feature an Amazon shopping search facility which when used transfers you to the Amazon site to complete any purchase(s) you decide to make. On every occasion you make a purchase from Amazon, originating from our site, you must report the details in your private account area and then claim when your birthdate is drawn among the 10 we display every day. Just in case of a dispute, please keep all your electronic transaction receipts or account statements showing the purchases you want to claim back. Don't worry, when you click the claim now button we'll tell you how.

The same applies when you make a purchase from one of our other cashback merchants and click a link from their site to ours.

Remember every qualifying cashback purchase you make through any of our cashback merchants will need to be validly claimed against when your birthdate is drawn. Please don't miss the opportunity of claiming or let your membership lapse.

In all cases we receive small payments every time you visit our site and perhaps, if you're interested, view or click one of the advertisement panels placed by Google, or you make a purchase from one of our participating merchants. That's how we pay for the prizes we award without charging members a penny.

When I'm a winner, what then?

We publish 10 unique birthdates on our Site every day between 12pm (noon GMT) and 11:59am (GMT) the following day ("Claim Time"), which can be checked by logging in to your account. Registered members that match the winning birthdates must then claim their win during the Claim Time (time is of the essence) by clicking "Claim Now" in their account area. Winners have 24 hours after each draw has closed to claim their win, or the prize is forfeit.

Why birthdates and initials?

Happy Birthdates offers 100% cashback shopping prizes against individual / variable cost purchases through Amazon. Other participating cashback merchants make the offer to their customers on their own sites through a link to ours. As a result prizes can't be shared by more than one winner. There must only be one clear member winner for each draw prize, even if more than one member has the same drawn birthdate and initials (it can happen). All daily draws are therefore based on member matches to our ten randomly drawn birthdates + initials with prizes being paid to the fastest validly claiming members in each of our 10 daily draws.

How do I get my Bonus Cash?

Earning Bonus Cash is easy. Just login to your account and click Bonus Cash. From there you can invite your family and friends to register their own free account with Happy Birthdates; post to your Facebook or Twitter accounts; or, copy and paste code to your blog, website and forums. We track everything back to your account and whenever anyone clicks a link you've posted, we'll credit your account with £3 for every completed registration, ready for you to claim the next time "your birthdate" is displayed in any of our daily draws.

What about financial security?

Happy Birthdates is administered by The Charter Trust which is owned and controlled by the partners of a 70 year established firm of accountants. All funds used for the payment of cash prizes are held in a fully insured clients account.

Who are the participating merchants?

We have partnered with many stores to bring you high quality goods and services at incredibly low prices. These are cashback merchants who run our draws as cashback rewards for their customers on their own sites / linked to

Remember to keep all merchant issued electronic transaction receipts, you will need to forward them to us for verification when you claim your cashback.

How much can I win?

The sky's the limit. There are two prizes and ten draws every day. First there's our daily £100 prize (no purchase required). Then there's our daily 100% refund prizes on all amounts spent with our cashback merchants. Just think about how much you've already spent online and the amount you could claim when your birthdate is displayed in any of our daily draws. All you have to do is check your account every day and claim your win.

Please note - The maximum amount of cashback payable to a member against a single birthdate claim is £5,000 any remaining account balance is carried over until the next birthdate claim.

Who do I contact if I need to replace, return or refund a purchase?

When you buy from a merchant, your purchase agreement is with them, as are any replacements, returns or refunds of your purchases, if required.

When do you pay winners?

We normally pay prizes the same day by PayPal transfer, or you can request payment by Amazon vouchers. The only exception to this is where a dispute arises and we need time to investigate.

How does it work?

It's simple really. We sell advertising to famous brand name merchants and run cashback offers, we don't sell anything to our members. Every time a member visits happy birthdates and clicks on an advertisement panel or makes a purchase through one of our cashback merchants we generate a small amount of revenue. In either case, we pool all received revenue streams and use them to offer free cash prizes to all.

Every member has the same chance of winning any of our daily draws. All you have to do is login yourself, or by clicking any of the daily reminder emails we may send and claim your win if your birthdate is drawn. Incredibly, not everyone does, many miss or ignore our daily reminders and when their birthdate is drawn they lose the confirmed Cashback in their accounts, or their cash prize, which is then used to pay members who logged in and claimed validly. Don't let someone else claim your free money, login and check if you're a winner, every day…

What's your history?

We've been in the cashback shopping business for 25 years and have run offers with hundreds of international businesses. We've pictured a few paid cashback winners on the homepage and listed many more. We don't sell prize draw or game play tickets or ask members to pay anything ever. That said, we do need income to cover our operational running costs. We achieve this by allowing merchants to advertise on our pages and we run cashback promotions.

Questions about the Bonus Cash Programme

What is Bonus Cash?

Think of it as a reward for helping us reach new members. We provide every member with easy to use Bonus Cash tools in their account area – just login to your account and click Bonus Cash. From there you can invite your friends and family by email, posting to social media or copying code to websites, blogs and forums, all of which is tracked to your Happy Birthdays account. Whenever anyone clicks a link you have posted, we'll credit your account with £3 for every completed registration, ready for you to claim the next time "your birthdate" is drawn in any of our daily draws!

How do I join?

Every registered member has access to the Bonus Cash programme. Just login to your account and click Bonus Cash to start increasing your next daily draw win!

Do I get more commission if people I referred then refer others?

No, we don't operate a multi-level marketing programme. Commission is only available on people you directly refer.

General Questions

How do I retrieve my password if I forget it?

If you forget your password simply go to the login page and click Forgot Password, you will be prompted to enter and submit your registered email address and our system will automatically reply with a link to change the password.

How do I change my account information, for example if I move?

Login to your account and click Account Settings in the menu. If you change your email address, we will need to verify it by sending you an email to the new address with a clickable verification link.

How do I make a complaint?

If you have reason to make a complaint, please click on the Contact Us link and provide full details. We will respond by return with an answer or at least to confirm that we are working on your complaint. Please be assured that we value feedback from our members whether positive or negative.

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