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HB Advertising Program

It's all about Give and Take!

Use the Happy Birthdates free prize draw Advertising Program to monetise your sites / blogs real estate, to raise money for a worthy cause or to simply generate funds for a specific project.

Simply register an Advertiser account and feature a Happy Birthdates ad banner on your site / blog, and / or send emails offering visitors or customers free membership and £100 Happy Birthdates cash prizes to claim. Then start receiving unrivalled payments when your referrals "Birthdate Codes" appear in our 10 daily draws!

Every day at 12 noon (GMT), our system compiles 10 random birthdate codes from our databases and publishes them on the Happy Birthdates site.

  1. Members you refer that register a free account (no purchase required) can claim £100 FREE every time their "Birthdate Code" is displayed in any of our 10 daily Birthdate draws.
  2. As an "HB Advertiser" you will also recieve £100 every time any of your referred members submits a valid claim, they win, YOU WIN! If your advertising campaign refers just 100 new Happy Birthdate members, that would equate to you having 1,000 opportunities to win £100 every day (see "how does it work" below).

How does it work?

It's Really Very Simple.

Your visitors / followers / members join Happy Birthdates and claim £100 in our 10 daily FREE Birthdate draws every time their "Birthdate Code" is displayed. It's FREE to join and there is no purchase required.

Every new member your advertising signs-up is one of your tracked referrals, and you will receive £100 every time any of them makes a valid claim in any of our 10 daily Birthdate Draws.

If you create just 100 new members, that would be 1,000 opportunities to receive £100 every day (100 referrals x 10 draws = 1,000 a day). If you created 1,000 you would have 10,000 opportunities a day – for the life of each referred membership. So far, we've had one publisher create more than 10,000 new members in just 3 weeks, our conversion from first click to sign-up on that offer was more than 30%.

Our system automatically sends you an email every time any of your referrals makes a valid claim - so you don't even have to check.

The sky's the limit!

How's that possible?

It's this simple.

Rather like a free distribution newspaper, we receive advertising, sponsorship and promotional fees from advertisers and merchants participating in Happy Birthdates programs, which is how we fund the site and the Cash we pay to members & "HB Advertisers" alike.

In addition, Free Prize Draws are not gambling as confirmed by the Gambling Commission on their site.

FREE Cash Winners from the last 7 days

  • LAYNA1491 20th Aug 2018
  • DREADS1953 19th Aug 2018
  • HERMELINO 19th Aug 2018
  • RICHB16 18th Aug 2018
  • DREWSKI333 18th Aug 2018
  • SPOOKYBEN28 17th Aug 2018
  • SCARYMARY 17th Aug 2018
  • BLUEROSE 16th Aug 2018
  • GABBY 15th Aug 2018

Communicating the Offer

On completing the merchant application form, you will be assigned a unique tracking link (see example below). http://www.happybirthdates.com?m=uniquecode

You can then post/share/email details about your Happy Birthdates offer inviting visitors / followers / members to click through to our site, using your unique tracking link. You can also communicate the offer using the advertising creatives we supply or create your own.

Example Creativesexample creatives

When visitors click your unique tracked link, they will be taken to our home page where they can learn more about Happy Birthdates and Join FREE.

Every referral is an EXTRA 10 opportunities every day for you to receive another £100

Get Started Today!

Simply complete the "Application Form" to create your Advertisers account where you will find suggested email content and creatives to help you get started.

If you have any questions, please email us using the address below and a member of our team will guide you through the registration process! We will do everything we can to ensure your advertising promotion is a huge success.



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